pain free dental implants

Pain Free Dental Implants

Dr. Kayali has perfected the pain-less dental implant procedure.

Dental implants have come a long way over the years in both technique and appearance. Dental implants, while one of the greatest advancements in dentistry, need to be administered by a skilled and qualified surgeon if it’s to be a safe, predictable and painless procedure.
Using the latest technology in dental imaging and implant placement, Dr. Kayali can provide you with a beautiful smile without the experience of pain.

Dental Implants – the natural choice!

The most common and successful form of dental implants available today are “root form” dental implants, which go beyond basic tooth replacement and essentially replace the root of a tooth as well.
Natural tooth roots, which are embedded in the bone, basically hold the bone in place and help support the teeth.
When teeth are missing, the bone that previously supported those teeth melts away, or deteriorates. Without dental implants, the eventual impact of this can include collapsed facial profiles, lost lip support, increased wrinkles around the mouth and the appearance of a pointed nose and chin that are too close together. With dental implant surgery, the bone can be preserved by replacing missing tooth roots with the dental implants. Eventually, the bone will form a strong bond to the dental implants where they will serve the same functions as natural tooth roots. Not only will this provide a strong foundation for biting and chewing, but the dental implants will also allow for the replacement of the entire missing tooth, which was never before possible. Thanks to years of progress and improved techniques, dental implants will look, feel and function like natural teeth if done properly.

Will My Dental Implants Be Done Properly?

This will often come down to the periodontist professional you rely on to do the work. Basically, you need to consider three different aspects before moving forward with dental implants.

1. The quality of the dental implant
The type (brand) and the quality of the dental implant used is extremely important for long term success. There are hundreds of dental implant manufacturers, but only a handful have a history of success.
As your San Dimas dental implant surgeon of choice, we only use proven performers so that you receive the very best dental implants. We don’t use cheap or undocumented brands. After all, dental implants will be with you your entire life, shouldn’t you have the very best in both care and dental implant materials?

2. The quality of the surgeon
In most states, any dentist can declare him or herself to be a dental implant specialist, even without proper training. In fact, a general dentist could attend a weekend course and be placing dental implants into a patient upon his or her return.
The last thing you need is an under qualified dental professional treating you with dental implants. When you choose San Dimas Periodontics and Dental Implants for your periodontal needs, you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Kayali is a well qualified.
Aside from completing advanced post-graduate training in dental implant surgery, where advanced surgical skills are taught and honed, he and his entire staff are also skilled at handling complications should they arise.
It is also very important to know how many dental implant procedures your potential surgeon successfully completes on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Periodontal surgeons that only do a few dental implants each year may not be experienced and skilled enough to provide the level of treatment and ongoing care that you’ll need.

3. The quality of follow up care
You need to know that your surgeon will be available to provide ongoing care after you receive your dental implants. With Covina & San Dimas Periodontics and Dental Implants on your side, we’ll see you through the procedure from start to finish and beyond.

Keeping ahead of COVID-19

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